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Enjoy a Brighter, More Confident Smile in as little as 5 Days.

Pola Light

Pola Light

Take-home whitening kits are more popular than ever as they become more effective with new technology, offering better results in less time with fewer risks.
Pola Light from SDI is a take-home whitening system that is available exclusively through dentists, which ensures the patient makes an informed decision on which
whitening system is best for them. The kit consists of an LED mouthpiece, charging cord, and a whitening gel. This system reportedly offers noticeable whitening of
teeth in just 5 days with two 10- or 15-minute sessions per day at home.

Pola Light advanced tooth whitening system combines Pola’s award-winning whitening formulas, with an LED mouthpiece that adopts a special Blue and Red light technology to accelerate the whitening procedure. SDI has a proven Tooth Whitening track record with excellent Tooth Whitening Result!


  • The mouthpiece is a universal size that treats the top and bottom teeth at the same time
  • Pola light is a low involvement whitening system that is easy to use at home
  • No trays needed to be made, very little work for the dental office
  • More powerful system than those sold via pharmacies and supermarkets


Pola light comes with the same trusted Pola Day gel

  • Fast acting, delivering whiter teeth in as little as 5 days
  • Formulated to safely remove long term stains
  • Returns a patient’s smile to the whitest natural shade possible
  • Extra hydration to minimize sensitivity
  • Remineralization to strengthen the teeth
  • Fully rechargeable for future tooth whitening treatments